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The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda

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If you are fortunate enough to travel to Africa (one of the most beautiful places on this earth), then you surely experienced a true African safari.  And some of the best safaris available take part in collaboration with a national park.  If you are looking for a recommendation, we highly recommend these gems for safari tours:

While these safari tours are wonderful, there is no guarantee you’re are going to see all of “The Big Five”. If you or your clients want to guarantee an awe-inspiring experience with a black rhino, than the sanctuary in Uganda is a must-stop location.

Why is the black rhino so difficult to spot anyways? Unfortunately it’s because of the dangers of poachers.  The rhino is a protected animal due to the unfortunate popularity of hunting these beautiful beasts.  In fact, there are no longer ANY rhinos remaining in Uganda in the wild. If you want to see one, you’ll need to visit the Ziwa  Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda.

If you (or your clients) are visiting this sanctuary, I would highly encourage the visitors to make a small donation to the conservation group. While the sanctuary does charge a fee, they need additional monetary help. Due to their efforts, the rhino is making a comeback and population numbers are starting to increase.  Thank you Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary!

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda

Located just southeast of Murchison Falls National Park, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a non-profit in central Uganda.  The group has been keeping Rhinos protected from pouching for over 15 years, and has made tremendous strides in improving population numbers.  The goal of the institution is to bring the Rhino back into the natural landscape of Uganda, where they can once again be free. Many zoos, (and even Disney’s Animal Kingdom) have sent their rhinos to be housed at the Ziwa Sanctuary.

The sanctuary has an estimate of 20 rhinos in their care and efforts and resources are spent in helping the promotion of breeding.  With so few rhinos in Uganda (How can you read 20 and not feel alarmed by that small number!) these beautiful creatures all kept with armed guards protecting them from harm.

The Rhino Trek Park Tour in Uganda

If you are visiting Uganda, please bring a great pair of sneakers. You’re going to want good footware because you’ll be walking a lot.  A visit to the sanctuary is no different. When visiting the Rhinos, you’ll have  short jeep through the park and then your guide will be taking you on a short walk to see the Rhinos in person.

Since the park is quite large, you might only see maybe 2-3 rhinos during your tour. It just depends on how spread out they have wandered. But even just a sighting of one rhino in the wild is such a life-changing experience, it’s so worth the visit!

Tips for Visiting the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

  • Wear Good Shoes
  • Bring Lots of Bug Spra
  • Not a lot of shade, so wear and reapply sunblock
  • Bring the best camera you have, you won’t regret it
  • Bring water, the hikes can get hot.
  • Cash, you’ll want to make a donation

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