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Editorial Opinion

Your Go-To Backpack for Travel

best backpack for flight and travel
Spring is a fantastic time to travel. The weather is finally nice, kids are off on spring break, and you can beat the summer crowd.  Whether you decide on a car trip to a local destination or flight to a bucket-list destination, chances are you always grab for a “go-to”, “fits-everything”, “must-have” backpack.

If you don’t have this “I got to have this backpack or the trip is ruined” experience, maybe it’s because you’re not traveling with the right bag!  There are a lot of bags available, and we’ve reviewed literarily hundreds of them by now, and one that stuck with us through the years, is the Solo All-Star Hybrid Backpack. This thing has some serious muscle, function, and can transform to whatever type of vacation or trip you are currently on. It’s a “must-grab” before walking out the door.

When traveling, it’s not uncommon that we have our laptop so we can work on the go, but I’ll also need my toddlers ipad, and my husband’s Macbook and possibly a few other devices. They all have a compartment that’s functional and easy to grab in this bag, which is useful when you’re in a busy TSA line.  There’s room for cords, adapters, and additional accessories as well.

But life isn’t all about electronics, this bag is multipurpose and tends to be my diaper bag, entertainment bag, purse, and snack bag all in one.  On most trips, I find that a purse is no longer necessary, and the diaper bag is a nuisance, we’ll need one-bag-to-rule-them-all! And it’s one-bag-never-left-in-the-car either!

In fact, it’s my go to bag now when I take the kids to the zoo.  I’ll need my hands free, and I need something that can carry everything, and still make me comfortable after a long day.  Some days, it IS my purse. I can drop the kids off at preschool, get a few hours of work in from my laptop, then take them to the park after… never having to feel like I have too much stuff, or not enough stuff.  It truly is the ultimate carry-all.

Solo New York is a trusted brand in general, they just make quality packs. If backpacks aren’t your thing, they have duffle bags and briefcases.  For those of us who are half-work, and half-play, they have great professional packs that work nice when on a FAM. Check it out for yourself and enjoy your next vacation!