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10 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent

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1. They are experienced.
Nobody knows the travel industry better than a Travel Agent. It’s that knowledge you’re going to want to tap into.  It’s so much more trustworthy than the biased and unexperienced reviews you’ll find on the internet. You’ll have confidence that your trip will be amazing.

2. They will act as your advocate.
Even a trip booked using a Travel Agent might have a hick-up. If the hotel or tour provider is giving you trouble, you aren’t without an option. You’ll have the strong-arm of your Travel Agent to rely on. You’ll be able to reach out to them and see if they can get your trip back on track.

3. They will get to know you relationships.
It takes time to get to know someone and find out all the details about that person. As you continue to use the same Travel Agent, you’ll discover that relationship will grow. You’ll have to spend less time telling them what you like, because they already know you!  A simple phone call and it’s like your next getaway is already planned.

4. They save you time convenience.
It’s actually surprisingly convenient to work with a Travel Agent. You can tell them what you have in mind, and let them take the wheel in planning it. If your time is precious an you really can’t risk having a dude of a trip, then use a Travel Agent.  It’s the difference between having a OK time, or an amazing time.

5. They are value-adders
There are a lot of value-adds that travelers don’t even know that they even had that option. A Travel Agent has the contacts and deals that can add that little extra something to your vacation. Ever wonder why the couple in the cabin next to yours got champagne and you didn’t? They probably used a Travel Agent!

6. You can actually spend less.
Travel Agents have many networks of suppliers that they work with. They do this so much for people, they will often be able to find the cheapest price or the best practice on the market. Many of their suppliers will price match to get their business. So you won’t have to worry about spending hours (or days) searching the internet for the best deal or price.

7. They pay attention to the little details
Did your hotel know that you and your spouse was celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary? Wonder how they new in advance that you have a nut allergy? This is where Travel Agents really shine. These little value-ads really add something special to trip.

8. They know the best locations to visit. 
Travel Agents are often experts in a particular destination. If you are looking for an off-the-beat location to get a true Italian experience, then where would you go? It’s probably not going to be in the big named destinations that are tourist traps. A Travel Agent will have the knowledge of a location to customize your trip to your own unique desires.

9. They have exclusivity. 
Some tours and activities are only available through exclusive access to those booking through a Travel Agent. Exotic tours, or private experiences can be complicated to book so providers reserve the right to book the component only to travelers working with a Travel Agent.

10. They are AMAZING!
There is just something special about Travel-Lovers. And those who love to travel so much that they choose to help others experience travel… well that’s a very special kind of person! Travel agents are funny, smart, well-rounded, flexible and just generally great people to be around. Once you go Travel Agent, you never go back! Bon Voyage!

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