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Editorial Travel Agent

Why Travel Agents are Still Thriving

Is a Travel Agent right for you? Probably!

There are some trips you can do yourself, and there are some trips that you really should seek the advice of an expert to plan. Some vacations aren’t just vacations, they are trips that really, really matter. When it’s your honeymoon, a multigenerational family getaway or your time is just too precious to waste, then using the expertise of a Travel Agent is the way to go.

Cutting through the Clutter – How a Travel Agent Shines!

There’s just information overload in today’s modern world.  With so much clutter on the internet, how are you going to plan the perfect vacation and know that it’s all going to workout? An experienced Travel Agent will have already visited the location you want to go to, toured the property, understand the different room types, the specifics of the location and the pros- and- cons of each resort.  That’ SO much more valuable than just a friend’s recommendation.

Plus, Travel Agents thrive under mission-impossible circumstances. When your budget is tight, and you have special conditions to consider, then a Travel Agent can take all of that into account when planning your vacations.

Ever have a flight cancelled? Hotel can’t find your reservation? A hurricane hits just as you land in the Caribbean? That’s the kind of headache that a Travel Agent can solve for you.  While all other travelers are frantically finding someone to help them, you already know who to contact and they will take care of the details for you!

So, how do you find a good travel agent?

Some people talk to friends or family and get recommendations. Some turn to the internet. We can help you find an experienced Travel Agent. We have a database of experienced professionals who can help you plan your dream vacation. We also segment our Travel Agents by specialty, so if you are looking for someone who can play a cruise, senior travel, a christian retreat, etc, check out our Travel Agent Directory.

What to Ask your Potential Travel Agent:

  • Is there an area of expertise that the agent specializes in? 
  • What areas of the world have they visited and what is their favorite? 
  • Have they visited the destination you’re headed to?
  • Have they experienced the tours they are booking for you?  
  • How long have you been a Travel Agent?

Can you afford to use a Travel Agent? 

There is a perception that only the rich and famous still use Travel Agents. Those that have endless money to burn and can pay someone else to do the sweat work for them. The truth is, that much of the time a Travel Agent can save you money, and you don’t need to be a one percenter to enjoy their services.  Travel Agents have different pay structures. Most agents receive a base bay plus commission. The commission is paid through vendors, wholesalers, hotels, etc. Some Travel Agents charge a nominal fee their services. Keep in mind, that Travel Agents also have access to many exclusive packages that will add value to your travel.

Consider Contacting a Travel Agent

It’s difficult to remember what you did last week, last month, or last year. The day to day of our routines make life pass by so quickly, that before you know it, your kids will be grown, and multigenerational trips will be no longer doable. But while you might not remember the day-to-day stuff, you’ll always remember that trip to Puerto Vallarta you took with your kids, or the trip to Greece to celebrate your anniversary. Those memories stay true to us. You’ll want to keep those moments precious.  Using a Travel Agent is insurance that those memories will be great ones, that you’ll cherish for years to come.

To find a Travel Agent to book your next great adventure, please visit our Travel Agent Directory.