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Why Travel Agents Are Fantastic at SEO

Every single travel agent we have ever met has been a natural at SEO.  And just about every single one, would say they aren’t web savvy, and have no idea how to optimize a website. Let’s be clear, these are world travelers, top sales professionals, expert multitaskers, entrepreneurs, trend setters and business leaders.  There is no way they can be all that, and not also a natural on search engine optimization. They just don’t know it yet!

We’re also going to share an online marketing agency secret with you… it doesn’t take talent to do SEO.  Seriously, they are not smarter than the average business person, and don’t carry a PhD in search algorithms. But what they do have is a love for optimization and a solid work ethic. Search Engine Optimization is about dedication. It’s about hard work, not giving up, and being passionate. We have yet to meet a Travel Agent who wasn’t hard working and passionate. By default, travel agents already have the two key factors it takes to be a SEO powerhouse.

3 Tips for Travel Agent SEO Rockstars

So if you are readying this and are a Travel Agent, and JUST discovered you are in fact, a rockstar in SEO, now what? Here are three tips for Travel Professionals looking to jumpstart their SEO efforts.

Talk About Travel

search engine optimization for travel agentsThe more you write about travel, the better you are going to rank in search engines.  While SEO can get very, very technical, there has always been one main component to great optimization, and that’s content. “Content is King” is a phrase you’ll here over-and-over again in the world of SEO. Seriously, no amount of anchor-link optimization or image-caching is ever going to outperform content.  Travel Agents love their trade, and are natural sales people. Right a short but informative blog post for every hotel you visit during your next FAM tour, or just write about your last trip. Doesn’t matter, just write.  As long as the content is original (no plagiarism) and relevant, you’re going to start seeing traffic come in.

See this lovely picture on the right? It was taken at the JeanMichel Cousteau Resort in Fiji. If we were a Travel Agent looking to increase traffic to my website, we might post this photo, and a short blog post about the resort on my blog. I’d thank my tour guides and the hotel staff on social media, and email the hotel to let them know I posted a review of my visit. If I had clients looking to possibly visit Fiji, I’d send them my blog post and use it as a selling tool.

Networking for Leads and SEO

Networking is a great way to capture new leads and gain sales. The same holds true in the online world as well. The bots that tell Google whose relevant are looking to find out whose networking. Is there social media buzz about you online? Do you have other relevant websites linking to you? What’s your reputation like? All these things are great for SEO, and really require no technical knowledge besides doing what you do best as a sales person. Start a Facebook group for those interested in luxury travel, or participate in an industry forum. All these activities are going to send Google the message that you are an expert in your field, and they should send quality traffic your way.

Benchmark Your SEO

In travel sales, the end target is always the bookings. No matter what marketing or sales effort your working on, if you haven’t made a sale, it hasn’t been worth it.  In online marketing, we’re lucky. With cookies and analytical tools, we can track the success of our campaigns.  However, SEO can be difficult to track if you aren’t benchmarking your performance.  You need to know what efforts brought in the visitors, and eventually… made you a booking! I do not start an SEO campaign, any SEO campaign, without benchmarking. Find out your current site keyword rankings, and what level of traffic your website is currently receiving.  How many social subscribers does your Travel Agency have before you begin your marketing?