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The Watergate Hotel Wants You to Break In

What’s the newest scandal in Washington D.C.? This time around it has nothing to do with emails or election tampering, it’s encouraging a burglary! The infamous and historic Watergate hotel is asking for a break-in!

The former office block is embracing its disreputable past by celebrating the forty-seventh anniversary of remembrance of the burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters. The theft was spearheaded by the Nixon Administration and LED to the resignation of President Richard Milhous Nixon 2 years later in 1974.

Now the edifice is tantalizing guests to interrupt into a five-foot-tall, 700-pound Mosler safe in its lobby, holding a vintage bottle of 1960 Last Drop booze sealed within. If you’ll be able to crack the code, the bottle is yours!

To enter, simply walk over to the Watergate’s Next booze Bar and order the special ‘Break the Safe Flight’ of whiskeys for $200. You’ll get one probability to spin the dial and crack the code.

“Beginning this month, with all eyes on the day of remembrance, we tend to’d be neglectful if we didn’t celebrate it with a bit mischief of our own,” Pascal Forotti, manager at The scandal edifice, aforesaid during a statement. “Nixon’s plumbers couldn’t quite crack the safe, therefore we’re holding our guests end the work, and luxuriate in our booze assortment whereas doing therefore for the unforeseen future.”

After undergoing a 2016 renovation, the scandal has come-to-terms with its notorious past rather than retiring from it. The hotels key cards are emblazoned with phrases like “no need to break in” and callers routed through the hotel operator are placed on hold and may hear items of the United States President recordings as ‘hold music.’

And whereas the $200 fee for a flight of booze and an opportunity to crack the code may appear steep, take into account that a bottle of 1960 Last Drop will go as high as $1,400, if less.