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The Netherlands’ Famous Tulip Bloom Can Be Viewed Virtually

Each year, floriculture enthusiasts eagerly await Tulip Season in The Netherlands, famous for its brilliant, springtime blossoms, which literally carpet the landscape. Typically, the Tulip Festival Amsterdam, the Flower Parade and sprawling flower fields attract a huge number of visitors.

But, sadly would-be witnesses will miss out on seeing the 2020 bloom in person, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Dutch government, along with so many others, has already closed public places to curb the spread of the virus and all events associated with the Tulip Festival have been canceled.

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Virtual reality

Still, if you’re craving the colorful sights of springtime during self-isolation, it’s still possible to virtually view Holland’s spectacular efflorescence online, as Lonely Planet revealed.

While its world-famous, annual flower exhibition cannot go ahead this year, Holland’s Keukenhof Gardens—a spectacular, 80-acre park located in Lisse that dates back to 1857—is hosting ‘Keukenhof Virtually Open’, which offers fresh programming each week to transport viewers onto the park grounds, where they’ll witness the incredible displays of multicolored tulips, hyacinths and daffodils.

One of the world’s largest flower gardens, with 800 total varieties of tulips and over seven million planted bulbs, Keukenhof is determined not to let this spring’s splendor go unseen, though it will take in no revenue this year.

Keukenhof said in a statement: “In the months leading up to spring, a lot of hard work has gone into providing visitors with a beautiful experience. The park is already blooming beautifully and will become even more beautiful in the coming weeks. Keukenhof likes to show this to people under the slogan ‘If people cannot come to Keukenhof, we will bring Keukenhof to the people’.”

Keukenhof Park in The Netherlands.
PHOTO: Keukenhof Park in The Netherlands. (Photo via iStock/Getty Images Plus/Siempreverde22)

Through the park’s ‘Virtually Open’ video series, Managing Director Bart Siemerink takes virtual visitors to some of his favorite places in the park, while gardeners also escort viewers around the various gardens, providing insight into the unique methods used to cultivate such expansive, gorgeous flower beds.

Tour the Traditional Gardens, Willem-Alexander Pavilion, Flower Hill, Beach Garden, Mill Forest, Lake Garden and fountain; discover the different varies of tulips (who knew there were so many?!) and learn all there is to know about daffodils, all from the comfort of your couch.

For more information, visit keukenhof.nl/en/.