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The Best Places to Catch a Break in the Magic Kingdom

If you’re itinerary includes an action-packed day of exploring the Disney Parks, then you absolutely must no the best spots to catch a break. If your kids are exhausted from all the fun, or the park turns too hot and crowded, these 7 spots will be your oasis from the chaos.

1. Swiss Family Treehouse

If you are in dire need of a rest, head to the Swish Family Treehouse. There are plenty of benches that feature shade for hot days. The best part is, those benches aren’t used very often, because most Disney visitors are hurrying by because they are on their way to Adventureland. If you want a snack, it’s super close to the Sunshine Tree Terrace, so you can catch a snack or two.

2. Pete’s Silly Sideshow

Another great shady location near the back of the park is the Dumbo’s Storybook Circus. There’s a large tent there with plenty of seating and it’s ideal for catching your breath when visiting the Magic Kingdom.  It’s perfect to stop and enjoy a summertime treat or ice cream cone on a hot day.

3. On The Liberty Belle

If people watching isn’t your scene, and you’d rather watch a little of nature and chill out, then why not take a slow scenic cruise to recharge your batteries?  The Magic Kingdom can be a hectic place, so remember that you can escape the chias with a riverboat tour!

4.  The Walt Disney World Railroad

Another relaxing choice that’s more entertaining than people-watching on a bench, is The Walt Disney World Railroad. Good for all ages, everyone can relax and enjoy a conversation with your loved-ones as you take a ride on this beautiful train.  This is also a great solution if your crew wants to see the other side of the park, but not up for walking the whole distance. Let the train take you there!

5. Watch a Disney Show

By the time you are about half way through the park, you and your crew might be getting a little Disney fatigued. A great way to recharge your energy is to sit and enjoy a Disney show.  At the Magic Kingdom, the shows are typically continuously running, meaning waiting in line won’t take very long.  And if it’s summer time, you’ll appreciate that wonderful air-conditioner pumping through the auditorium!  All close to one another is the The Enchanted Tiki Room, The Country Bear Jamboree and the Hall of Presidents.

6. Ride “it’s a small world”

It’s maybe a no brainer, but this classic ride is very relaxing. Although not as a great as the river boat cruise, this entertaining sboat ride is full of music and fun for all ages.

7. Columbia Harbor House

Located close to the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square, the Columbia Harbor House is a perfect spot to catch a bite to eat and drink and relax. The upstairs area as lots of places to sit, and it’s a pretty quiet place to sit back and enjoy a meal while regrouping and planning your next big ride.

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