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Savor the Season’s Sweetest Stay at This Candy Cane House in London

Just in time for the holidays and available for two nights only, Booking.com has created an immersive, experiential treat for sweet-lovers: the Candy Cane House in the heart of London’s Soho district.

Accommodating up to two guests for two respective nights on December 18 and 19, 2019, this festive lodging will make for a magical stay inside a series of confectionary-inspired spaces.

The property’s show-stopping exterior is set to look the part, sporting a glistening, icing sugar-infused, snowy façade with candy cane inspired window coverings. Upon entering, the lucky candy cravers will find edible Christmas wreaths ready to nibble on, plus a gift basket that comes complete with celebratory champagne and a sweet selection of favorite confections.

Rendering of the master Ginger-Breadroom in Booking.com's London Candy Cane House.
PHOTO: Rendering of the master Ginger-Breadroom in Booking.com’s London Candy Cane House. (Photo courtesy of Booking.com)

Every room in the Candy Cane House is designed to look, feel, smell and, most importantly, taste like Christmas. Accommodations consist of:

Candy Lounge: A cotton candy-colored Christmas tree, covered with an abundance of candy canes and sweet-filled baubles, anchors the room. Its walls are lined with large candy-style treats; while a basket full of saccharine delights, along with a tray of irresistible cupcakes, awaits on the coffee table.

Ginger-Breadroom: Sweet dreams are a certainty in this fairy-tale inspired sleeping space, woodland-themed, where Christmas trees adorned with candy canes and chocolate pinecones surround an iced gingerbread and peppermint inspired four-poster bed. Other edible surprises here include stepping stones made of Christmas sugar cookies and a spicy-sweet gingerbread bedside clock.

Coco-Kitchen: Chocoholics will thrill at the chocolate extravaganza that is the Coco-Kitchen, where guests will step inside a giant caramel-chocolate, complete with melting chocolate walls and caramel flooring. A tempting chocolate-style cheeseboard, stocked with a variety of retro pix-and-mix sweets, will also await guests.

Sugar Cube-icle Bathroom: The sweet Christmas theme of this abode hasn’t been neglected even when it comes to the lavatory, where festive red-and-white-striped walls and sugar-crystalline surfaces call candies to mind.

Rendering of the Coco-Kitchen in Booking.com's London Candy Cane House.
PHOTO: Rendering of the Coco-Kitchen in Booking.com’s London Candy Cane House. (Photo courtesy of Booking.com)

Located at 13 Soho Square, the Candy Cane House is situated in Westminster Borough— Booking.com customers’ favorite area of London, according to independent reviews. For visitors interested in excellent shopping, popular brands nearby include Nike, Cartier, Hermès, H&M, and Zara.

“Located in one of the UK’s most iconic London locations, we are so excited to offer our customers a chance to experience our sweetest stay yet, perfect for those looking to escape and treat themselves and a loved one to a truly memorable experience!” said Ryan Pearson, Regional Manager at Booking.com.

Running at a rate of about $128 per night, bookings for December 18 are set to open on December 9 at 5:00 a.m. EST, while the December 19 stay will be released for booking at 5:00 a.m. EST on December 13, so mark your calendars if you’re keen on experiencing this one-of-a-kind Christmas cottage.