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Plan a Perfect Mother Daughter Trip

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As children grow up and build their own lives, it gets harder and harder to spend quality time with them.  If you are planning a mother-daughter getaway, it can be one of the most bonding experience you can have with each other. Nothing binds people closer than travel. To make sure all your memories are great ones, here’s a few pro-tips to make sure you and mom have a fantastic time.

1. Plan Your Trip in Advance

To make sure your trip goes smoothly and no details are forgotten, try to plan your mother-daughter getaway at least three months out. This way both of you will be able to make arrangements with work, family, and other scheduled events. Booking your room and flight in advance will give you time to find the right destination, as well as the right prices to work within your budget.  This is especially true the more complicated of a trip you are planning. If you really want to make sure everything goes smoothly, we highly recommend using an experienced Travel Agent. Many Travel Agents specialize in a region or an activity such as cruising.

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2. Location is Everything

Pick a destination that will be enjoyable to both you and mom. If your mom has accessibility issues, than a remote island experience might be lovely for you… but not so much for her. She’d have to do a lot of plane hopping, and might find the area has too much elevation to tackle.  This could really put a damper on her fun.

Try to consider either places that she’s mentioned she loved in the past, maybe she’d like to experience the fun again but this time with you!  Think about that time you watched a movie that you thoroughly enjoy, didn’t you want to watch it again but this time with someone you love. Experiences are so much greater when shared with a loved one.  Another idea is to pick a destination that is new for both of you.  If you are unsure which destination would be fun for the two of you, talk to your Travel Agent and they can lead you in the right direction.

3. Schedule Do-Nothing Time

Sometimes we can be so excited to try every new experience that we forget the bonding that can happen during the quiet moments of a trip.  For one day during the trip, schedule no activities for you and your mom.  See how you feel on that morning, and discuss what you are in the mood for.  It’s hard to have a deep conversation while parasailing afterall! So spend a day or two just lounging by the pool, cooking dinner together, a shopping trip into town, and join the do-nothing-club.  You’ll be surprised how at the end of your trip, and you look back on what you enjoyed the most, it’ll be this quiet time.

4. Book a Private Tour

It doesn’t really matter if it’s a cooking class, dance class, surf lesson or boat tour, just pay a little more for at least one private tour.  Group tours are great, and they have their place, but with a private tour, you have the option to go as fast (or slow) as you’d like.  On a private tour, you’ll get the instructor/tour operators full attention, and can really do the things that you and your mom enjoy – rather than keeping to a tight schedule. Nobody gets left in the dust on a private tour, and they can often be customized to your specific requests if you are working alongside a trusted Travel Agent who can make the arrangements for you.

5. Compromise on the Details

While you might have a lot in common with your mom, it doesn’t mean you are going to enjoy the same things. Many times we have our hopes up on how an experience is going to happen, and we can feel let down when it doesn’t go as plan.  Think your mom will love to go wine tasting in Napa with you, only to find out she’s a little bored by the experience? Change it up, and do something more exiting that night. Sometimes the thing we think are going to bond us closer, end up being not so special in the end.  You don’t have to stick with the itinerary that you planned, be flexible and compromise along the journey. You’ll always be happier you did!

7. Take lots of pictures

I wish we could all live forever, but the bitter truth is that these Mother-Daughter trips are a blessing that won’t be available your entire life. So make sure you capture those special moments through both video and photos. Some people say the best camera is the one that’s on you, and smart phones do provide a nice convenient photo when on the go. But we recommend having at least one device dedicated to just photography.  The camera doesn’t have to be expensive to be good, but if you ask a stranger to take a picture of you, and they run off… at least they don’t have your phone too! We recommend the Waterproof Travel Camera by Yisense. It’s affordable, waterproof, and light enough to travel with and not be a nuisance.

If you are considering surprising your mom with a mother-daughter trip this Mother’s Day, it’s not too late to book. Talk to your Travel Agent on what your options are. Have a safe and fun trip!