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Pilot Deploys Oxygen Masks By Mistake – Passengers Freak Out

Passengers Panic After Pilot Deploys Oxygen Masks By Mistake #BritishAirway Click To Tweet

It’s the last thing you want to experience on a flight. Mid-air, relaxing in your seat, and boom… the oxygen masks deploy! Are you going to have an emergency landing? Is there engine failure? Should you be alarmed? This nightmare was experienced this weekend when a pilot of a British Airways plane headed from Singapore to London made the technical error which caused the deployment of oxygen masks for the passengers on the plane.

“The media screens and lights turned off, followed by the masks falling down and an automated announcement telling us to put on our masks for oxygen,” passenger Mitchell Webb told Sun Online Travel.

“About 2-3 minutes after this, the cabin crew stated to ignore the message, it was due to a technical error and they were in the process of a step by step reboot of systems,” he added. “One cabin crew member made a particularly striking reassurance of ‘we’ll make it’—great to hear—and even after all this panic, we had no apology or even an explanation from the captain to reassure us, even before we came in to land” According to Webb, a flight attended confessed that some of the oxygen masks on the plane didn’t even deploy correctly.

A spokesperson from British Airways, confirmed that the cabin crew communicated with passengers that the oxygen mask deployment was indeed accidentally deployed. Since then, the airline has apologized to its passengers and explained the situation to its customers.

“We would like to apologize for the inadvertent oxygen mask deployment on your flight from Singapore and any distress or concern this may have caused. We would like to reassure you that safety is always our main priority and this was not compromised on this occasion,” the airline said.

“We trust that our flight and cabin crew dealt with this situation in a professional manner you would expect from us. If you would like to speak to us about this, please visit ba.com/contactus. We hope you had a pleasant flight.”

After the incident, several passengers took to Twitter to recount the experience. One customer referred to it as the “flight from hell” and stated the situation was just one of many “unacceptable events.”

The incident comes just on the heals after a British Airways flight landed in the wrong destination due to incorrect paperwork.