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Packing Guide for the Pampered Traveler

best pamper items to pack when traveling

Traveling can not only be rough on your pocketbook, but on your skin and beauty routine as well. With the cramped seating and dry air on the flight alone is enough to make any traveler feel and look a little warn down.

A few small items of comfort don’t add much cargo to a cramped backpack, but can make the world of difference on how you feel during your journey.  It really doesn’t matter your gender, or how rugged of a traveler you are, small items like a soft airplane pillow are always a welcome treat. Here’s our list of “Must Have” items to help you feel a little pampered on your journey.

Best Liquid’s Pouch for TSA:

The trusted and true ziplock bag does actually work. But by the end of your trip, that gallon bag looks like something you’ve found in the trash. Once you switch to a quality pouch that will definitely not spill, you’ll be a much happier traveler. We recommend the clear pouches from Procase. They are gorgeous, and made from high-quality material so they will last through countless trips.  They are also convenient for TSA, as they are clear and the contents can easily be seen.

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Sleep Accessories for Airplane

  • Travel Pillow
    For a long time, we thought Travel Pillows where a dime-a-dozen. Nothing seemed to stand out, and you still walked away with a bad neck ache after a long flight. But this inflatable neck pillow is now are “go-to” travel pillow.  It’s SO comfortable and also great because you can deflate it very easily when you are done with it, and need to fit it snuggly in your luggage.
  • Eye Mask
    A good eye mask is more than a tool to block light, it’s a visual que to those around you that says, “hey, I’m not available right now.” Which in travel, is a priceless comfort.  Finding a mask that didn’t fit too tight or feel too restrictive was important to us.  This mask by 3D in particular passed our comfort test, shielded bright lights, and ventilated air so our eyes felt cozy.
  • Ear Plugs
    Ear plugs are essential. Even if it’s not the sound of a restless child, the snore of the person next to you, it’s also the endless conversation you can’t help getting sucked into while you’re trying to relax.
    Never underestimate the joy of having a good set of earplugs. They will not only make your flight more enjoyable but could save your sanity along with your travels. We recommend Hearos Xtreme earplugs. They’re soft, comfortable and offer the highest noise reduction available on the market.

Keeping Refreshed While Traveling

The dry air of air travel and wreck havoc on our airways, skin, and hair. Keeping your body hydrated will make you forget you’ve just spent hours in a recycled air box.

Water Bottle
Of course, while you fly, the flight attendant will offer you a drink, mainly because you can’t get liquids past TSA and not everyone can/will purchase one.  But getting your own roll-up water pouch will give you the freedom to stay hydrated wherever you are on your journey. The Vapur water bottle is the best on the market. It’ll roll up so small you can leave it in a pocket till you are ready to use it, plus it holds an entire liter of water.

Eye Creams for Air Travel

Even if in your day-to-day life, you aren’t a regular eye cream users, using a cream can make you feel refreshed when traveling. We love Musely’s Hydrogel Eye Masks because it’s non-greasy formula does a great job during especially long flights.

If you’re looking for more of an eye cream than a mask, try dabbing a little Pure Biology’s “Total Eye” Cream with Hyaluronic Acid under your eyes before your flight to help sooth dry eye skin and reduce puffiness.

Lip Balm
Although our grandmother swears by petroleum jelly, it’s a bit hard to travel with. We highly recommend Sky Organic’s tinted lip balm. It’s Organic (obviously), contains Beeswax, coconut oil, coconut butter, vitamin E and made in the USA. Seriously not much to NOT love about this stuff.

Best SPF for Traveling

If we’re doing all this pampering, we have to protect our skin as well. You really should be applying at least an SPF 30 daily, and reapply every 3 hours (More if you are heavily exposed). This is really the ultimate pampering you can do for yourself. And if you walk into any dermatologist office, you’ll see they aren’t using expensive posh brands, they usually use CeraVe.  It’s gentle, no fragrance, and good for skin.

Best Travel Hand  & Wipe Sanitizer

It’s difficult to keep your same standards of cleanliness while traveling. Long days can make you feel not yourself. Here’s a few items to help you feel pampered and fresh along the way.

Along your travels, you’re going to find yourself using a lot more public bathrooms and public facilities that you wouldn’t normally encounter. Keeping yourself germ free and preventing future illness is always a plus!  After having kids, it’s difficult to not travel without a wet-one, because they are useful at any age. We recommend the alcohol-free hand sanitizing wipes by Babyganics. They are perfect for on-the-go and traveling light.