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SEN Brings You Master Classes!

SEN brings in an impressive line-up of Industry Experts to do one-day exclusive live training presentations for members on all types of cutting edge strategies and real life marketing opportunities.

Below you will find the complete video coverage of the live MasterClass events that have already taken place as well stand alone training videos you can take advantage of. You’ll be sent an invitation to the next MasterClass event as soon as it’s scheduled.

Latest MasterClass

Live Interactive ‘Google as Your New Home Page’


Presented by Mary Bowling

Learn to “score” your local brand’s presence at Google

Session Highlights:

It’s no secret that Google is diligently working toward the goal of keeping people at Google, rather than sending them off to other websites – including yours! What can you do to help Google show your business in the best light online?

In this session, we’ll go through an exercise that will help you to “score” your local brand’s presence at Google. You’ll also…

  • See how much emphasis Google puts on reviews and how yours stack up
  • Understand why you must be active participant in your business’s Google Q & A
  • Learn why your Google My Business photos are so important
  • Find out why you should be bidding on your brand name in AdWords
  • Discover the impact of Google Posts

Tool Demos

WebCEO Tool Demo: Spy on Your Competitors like a Pro


Presented by Keith Saye

This 14min video shows you exactly how SEO Consultant Keith Saye works through all the keyword possibilities for his client while leveraging the Keyword Research tools within the Web CEO tools.

In this quick demonstration you’ll see exactly how to leverage these tools to instantly see…

  • Your most dangerous competitors for any industry.
  • The Keywords your Competitors are targeting and know which will be the quickest wins.
  • Exactly how your Top Competitors Rank in the Search Engines to understand how strong your competition really is.
  • A complete picture of your Top Competitors’ Backlinks so that you can target them in your next link building campaign.
  • Exactly how your Top Competitors perform on Facebook so you can see how your social profile stacks up.
  • Authority Metrics about your Competitors such as:
    • Moz domain authority
    • Domain age
    • Total site pages
    • Overall traffic score
    • Number of keywords their rank for
    • Average ranking position
    • Total Backlinks
    • And more!

WebCEO Tool Demo: How to Add a New Project to WebCEO the Right Way!


Presented by Keith Saye

This 6min video will help you build a solid foundation for all of your projects going forward.

Here you’ll learn that adding your website as a New Project within the tool suite is a simple straight-forward task.

However, there are some important tips you needto know. Getting it right from the beginning will save you time and headaches.

You’ll see how the interface guides you through entering the relevant project information — your keywords, your competitors, your important landing pages and so forth.

And you’ll be surprised to see how quickly you can get up to speed and hit the ground running.

WebCEO Tool Demo: Setting up Your Perfectly Branded & Scheduled Reporting


Presented by Keith Saye

This 9min video shows how to completely customize the data and look of your project reports.

Set it and Forget it!

The Web CEO tools can be set to provide all of your regular progress reporting. Everthing is completely branded to your company. And it can be done automatically OR manually, as needed, from directly within the tools.

* Add your business logo
* Create a custom cover page for each site/client
* Write a personal email
* Change the language and font
* Schedule your reporting to your needs
* Pick and choose which data sets to include
* Shift the reports to the format of your choice
* Email directly from the interface
* BCC or CC yourself or partners on all client reports
* Brand each report with your business name
* Even choose a color scheme to match your branding.

WebCEO Tool Demo: How to do your Keyword Research Like a Boss


Presented by Keith Saye

This 7min video shows the professional approach to doing Keyword Research.

Follow SEO Superstar Keith Saye as he shares with you his approach to working through all of the keyword possibilities for a specific client. You’ll see the Keyword Research tools in action.

This short demo shows you exactly how to…

* Find the best Keywords based on local searches in your area.

* Leverage search trends to find seasonalKeywords.

* See exactly which Keywords your competitors are targeting.

* Get countless Keyword Suggestions based on the keywords you’re already ranking for.

Integrate the tools with your Google Search Console account. Important because it enables you to see exactly which keywords you’re already ranking for, which keywords are garnering the most clicks, and which have the highest impressions. You’ll also see how to calculate your average click-through rate.

* Use all these metrics to further target the Keywords that’ll give you the highest return on investment (ROI) for tasks like Article topics, on-page Optimization, Site Structure and more.

WebCEO Tool Demo: How the Pros do a Backlink Audit

Presented by Keith Saye

This 14min video shows how to identify links that need to be added to your Disavow File.

Watch Keith Saye show you how to do use the WebCEO ProTools to conduct a professional backlink audit for any Website.

Here’s where you’ll learn how to:

* Identify Links to add to the disavow file.

* Learn which links can be ignored completely.

* Adjust your Backlink Tool to give you the best results.

* Set an automated scan schedule to notify you when things change.

* Create customized reports to share with clients.

* And so much more!

Recent MasterClasses

State of Local Search 2018


Presented by Mary Bowling

2017 was one heck of year for Local Search! After making a long, ugly detour through GooglePlus, 2017 saw Google sharply refocusing on Local. Google My Business dashboards were beefed up, the GMB API was released and numerous new online features and marketing opportunities became available to local businesses both big and small. We’ll look at how this re-colors the big picture in Local Search and how to move forward into 2018.

Rise of the SEO Undead – The Zombie Search Apocalypse


Presented by Michelle Stinson Ross

Impact of search-enabled voice devices (Alexa and Google Home) and how content will have to keep up.

Getting Started with LOCAL Links: Coaching Session

Presented by Mary Bowling

Participate LIVE in ‘hands on’ exercises to build links to your client.

On-Page Optimization


Presented by Mary Bowling

The 17 Most Critical On-Page Optimization Strategies That Are Missing from Most Websites

How Small Businesses Can Beat Out Big Brands


Presented by Mary Bowling

Agile marketing strategies for Small Businesses

Big competitors’ perceived advantages can often mask their even BIGGER disadvantages.

It’s true that big brands have some natural advantages in online marketing, but don’t give up the fight! In this MasterClass, we’ll take a look at the typical weak spots that large, multi-location companies tend to have and discuss how small, local businesses can successfully battle giants using agile tactics. We’ll talk about the small to medium business’ advantages in using localized expert content, authentic social media, real reviews, clear guarantees and more.

Building Brand and Community with Creative Visual Content


Presented by Matt Siltala

Leverage good and bad case studies to see what to do, and what NOT to do.

Use to this video to have a more solid understanding of the different types of creative visual content and their uses. Then avoid the pitfalls of bad content and social media mistakes that can destroy a brands reputation.

Technical SEO: How Strong is Your Site’s Foundation?


Presented by Kristine Schachinger

Walk through foundational SEO to find hidden gems and common mistakes.

This presentation will help you to master the strategies involved in technical SEO needed to build a strong foundation for your marketing. See how a pro audits a site for technical issues and then diagnoses their causes for a quick and flawless cleanup process.

– Technical SEO tips and strategies.
– How to conduct a technical assessment.
– How to use data anomalies to discover issues.
– What penalty/algorithm issues are related to technical issues.
– Tools and how they can help.

Attracting & Engaging Local Searchers


Presented by Mary Bowling

Boost your bottom-line with more traffic and sales with these actionable tips.

Attract more searchers to your local business from the Search Engine Results Pages and then convert them into customers with these actionable tips on creating and optimizing expert local content for your site.

– Attract more searchers to your local business from the search results.
– Create and optimize expert local content for your site.
– Convert those visitors into customers with actionable tips.

Find, Build, and Engage Social Audiences that Actually Convert!


Presented by James Loomstein

Finding your ideal target audiences in their buying moments on the platforms they’re actually using.

See as two very talented experts show exactly how they find and target the ideal audience for your industry by knowing what platforms they’re on to begin with. Then understand critical touch moments in a consumer’s buying process to convert them to sales.

– Find your ideal target audiences & the platforms they’re using.
– Identify the Buying Moments for your targeted audience.
– Understand exactly how to optimize this entire process for measurable growth.

The Secret to making Customer Service Successful & Profitable on Social Media


Presented by Melissa Fach

How to ensure you’re kicking ass at Customer Service.

Choosing people to manage social, creating protocols for your social media team, handing difficult people in the public eye, and new customer service tools on Facebook and Twitter.

Using Influence within Online Marketing


Presented by Warren Whitlock

How to bring a human connection over impersonal engineered platforms.

Let a known online marketing influencer explain exactly how he does what he does within a step-by-step process that includes Key Performance Indicators, understanding the steps likely to lead to sales, how to become a thought leader and find others to network with, the importance of building your own tribe, as well as how to identify other thought leaders and empower them to boost your marketing.

– What is Influence?
– What we can measure.
– Relationships bring 900% ROI.
– What we can’t measure.
– The Future of Influence.

Local SEO – Don’t Risk Your Business


Presented by Greg Gifford

Learn which signals influence local relevancy & how to optimize them.

Greg, a very successful local SEO responsible for Big local brands, explains the difference between traditional SEO and Local SEO and why people still get them confused. Then he goes into deep details on which signals influence local relevancy and how to optimize them, including:

– Optimizing on site content.
– Leveraging inbound links
– Building citations
– Growing reviews.
– Boosting social media

How the Pros Redesign a Website without Killing Their Rankings


Presented by Beth Kahlich

Strategies to help you keep your site’s ranking in place after a redesign.

Let this self proclaimed SEO Geek walk you through how she does a complete website redesign without nuking a client’s existing rankings and authority signals.

– Why redesigning your website is risky business for SEO.
– Rebranding – an additional wrinkle in your website redesign plan.
– Planning for the switchover.
– The “go-live” week – checklist of activities.
s- Post website redesign – what to look for, and what to do about it.

Unique Content Needs for Mobile


Presented by John Heard

Best practices and Google Analytics tips to gain further insight on what your mobile users are looking for.