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New Study Shows Americans Are Lying About Travel

american citizen lie about vacation
Home of the Brave, and apparently, also home to lying about our vacations. American’s are great at a so many things, and according to a study from Jet Cost, we’re also great at lying about our travel.  The flight-comparison website, Jet Cost surveyed over 4,000 Americans, and found that at least 14% of those surveyed admitted to lying about their vacations.  Reasons for lying seem to suggest that American’s feel the need to impress others, and appear well traveled amongst their pear group.

According to the survey, around 2/3 Americans also admitted to telling fibs when it comes to their experiences, including the quality of their hotel stays, and the types of excursions they participated in.

According to a spokesperson from Jet Cost, Americans clearly feel the need to appear as if they are well traveled, even if they are not.  “With the modern pressures of social media, people feel as if they have to prove themselves to others, which is a shame – but life isn’t a competition and just because someone says they’ve done something, doesn’t mean you’re less of a person for not having done it.”

Close to 70% of participants admitted that they told others they enjoyed a vacation much more than they actually did, and over 50% said that if a trip was a disaster, they would not admit to it.

It looks like pressures of living a perfect instagram-worthly life is crippling some travelers in the United States, because 10% of respondents admitted to going so far as to post fake pictures on social media accounts to reinforce their stories. Here’s to that dream vacation, it might have all just have been a dream!