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New Original Series “My Travel Diary: Kenya” Brings Awareness for Children and Mothers in Kenya

Story Highlights

  • Learn about the people of Kenya in this 5-part series on YouTube

Adorama, announced today the launch of “My Travel Diary: Kenya,”, an original series from executive producer Sal D’Alia and in partnership with Ubuntu Life, a nonprofit business that uses the power of global commerce to create “inch wide, mile deep” social impact for children and mothers in Kenya,

The series is a passport to countries and cultures we don’t often see on social media. The first season of My Travel Diary takes place in Kenya, where we meet the mothers and children in the care of the nonprofit Ubuntu Life. The not-for-profit is providing clean drinking water with the Maasai tribe. The series is dedicated to capturing the beauty of the people, nature, and wildlife throughout their journey.

“This trip is an opportunity for people to learn about what ethical travel photography looks like through experience. It’s also an opportunity for people to challenge stereotypes or assumptions that they may have about Kenya and see nonprofit work on the ground.”

Erin Sullivan, Photographer and Travel Guide

You can catch each episode of the series on YouTube every Friday in March at 10am EDT.