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Sep ’18 Newsletter Articles

  •  A Pro’s Guide to Facebook Advertising Placements
  • One of the best features of Facebook advertising is its diverse ad placement options. Aside from having more freedom to execute creative ideas, this also gives advertisers the ability to test and narrow down the ad types that work best for their audience. Leverage this guide to take the guess work out of your Facebook advertising options and get the biggest return on your investment!
  •  An SEO’s Guide to the New Gutenberg Editor: WordPress 5.0
  • WordPress has a MAJOR update set to be released with version 5.0 any day now. This update comes with the New Gutenberg Editor, which is causing any number of issues with existing plugins, formatting and behind the scenes code. Not to mention it has a big learning curve of its own to get past. Read on for our advice on how to handle the bumps in the road you’re likely to hit – regardless of the industry you’re in – as well as advice for Recipe Bloggers specifically.

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