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City of LA Sues FAA Because of Plane Noise

LA Sues FAA over Flight Noise

The city of LA is suing the Federal Aviation Administration on behalf of residents in many neighborhoods when complaints that new route changes have raised noise levels.

The suit was filed on June 21 within the U.S. ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

City lawyer Michael Feuer filed the suit, stating the FAA’s recent changes that have planes landing at LA International Airport (LAX) by flying over mid-city and central L.A. neighborhoods

Feuer alleges the Federal Aviation Agency’s new landing patterns were evading correct environmental review or public input and claims the FAA hasn’t initiated public inquiry new routes since 2017.

“The federal agency created changes to a significant flight path over LA while not ever considering the environmental consequences of these actions. Then the agency wanted to curtail public discussion on the FAA’s own flight procedures web site, together with compelling members of the general public to agree their input on the environmental impacts of projected flight procedures won’t count, as a condition of commenting on those procedures within the initial place,” Feuer stated..

“Those decisions must not stand. We’re fighting to give L.A. residents the chance to engage on a major issue affecting their quality of life, and, ideally, to create opportunities to find real solutions to noise and other concerns. And we’re fighting for the american public’s right to have their comments on faa actions actually matter.”

The federal agency stated it doesn’t discuss unfinished litigation.