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How to Travel When You’re Injured

how to travel with injury

If you’ve been planing a big trip for a while, those precious few weeks before your fight can fill you with excitement and anticipation. The last thing you want to do is an activity where you could get hurt. But life happens, and a simple fall can happen while walking on a sidewalk. If you’re smart and booked through a Travel Agent, he/she can help you make the necessary changes to your trip, whether if you need to postpone the trip, or change-up your planned activities.  However, not all injuries mean your vacation plans are ruined. If you decide to go anyways, here’s a few tips to make your trip more comfortable. 

1. Pad Your Schedule with Extra Time 

If you’re injured, you’ll need extra time in everything you do.  Pad your schedule with more time than you think it might normally take for you to do an activity. That includes airport time, as you’ll be slower getting on and off your plane, and might need special accommodations to-and-fro. The last thing you’ll want to do when traveling with an injury is stress yourself out.  Go slow, and call your Travel Agent if you need help putting together an itinerary, they have the experience needed to successfully put together an alternative itinerary. 

2. Buy Assisting Gear Before You Travel.

If you hurt your foot, then perhaps a cane, twisted an ankle, then compression socks, sprained a wrist, then a sling. The point is, bring these items with you just in case. Travel can put more stress on your body than in your everyday life.  Even if your injury is doing fine at the beginning of a trip, by day 3 you might change your mind and decide to rock a cane.  

If you’re worried about packing accessories you might not need, consider travel assistant gear. This mini travel cane from Harvy is light, foldable, and comes with a travel case.  It fits under the seat on a plane, making it easy to travel with as opposed to a wooden cane that didn’t fold or go through security at the airport easily. 


3. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help.

Hotels often have accessibility rooms and your Travel Agent might be able to make the change without a change-fee.  Your Travel Agent can also contact your tour operators and see if they can make special accommodations to help make your trip more enjoyable. It could be as simple as moving your room closer to an elevator, or providing a loaner wheelchair, call them and see what can be done.  


4. Check Your Bags.

You will probably have to pay an extra fee for this, but even if you are a light packer, you don’t want to risk further hurting yourself. If you are a minimalist and just generally too scared of losing your bags, the airport will probably have an accessibility golf cart and they can drive you to your gate. However, that’s not all airports and it’s not always an option, you might find yourself carrying your own bags. If you check it, then you can just worry about getting yourself to the gate safely.  If you’re looking an ultra-light bag to cut out some weight, check out our recommendations here


5. Remember How Plane Pressure Works

You will have to loosen or completely take off any support devices during flight. The air pressure at 30 thousand feet will drop and any supportive devices might feel too tight or painful.  if you are worried about swelling on your lower leg or ankle, we highly recommend compression socks.  Here’s our guide to several options at different price points to consider when choosing a compression sock. 


6. You won’t be able to do everything.

Some of the activities you booked for yourself will be downright dangerous now that you are injured. People DO get hurt on vacation, you don’t want to aggravate an existing injury or create a new problem for yourself. Talk to your Travel Agent about activities that will still be fun for someone with limited mobility. Many Travel Agents even specialize in accessible travel options. 


7. Know when to cancel or postpone your trip

You might be the kind of person who doesn’t want to ruin the fun for the other people on a trip, but there comes a time when it is really best to cancel or postpone the trip.  Your health is more important, and the Caribbean will be there waiting for you next year.  There are some trips where the pressure of the flight can seriously hurt your injury, such as flying with a cast. Always talk to you doctor before embarking on your trip.  Did we mention your Travel Agent can help you? They can. They’ve done this SO much more than you have and can be an invaluable resource on planning a safe and fun trip.  


It’s far to easy to feel down about your predicament, but if you’re  working an experienced Travel Agent, they can adapt the trip to make sure you still have a great time.  For every activity you find that you can’t do for your next trip, you can add to your wish-list for your next big adventure! 


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