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Five Killer Tips for Surviving Travel Stress

travel stress
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Chances are if you visiting this website, you love to travel. But many of us suffer from self-diagnosed pre-travel anxiety. Do you check to see if you still have your passport 7 times on your way to the airport? Do you worry about not having everything you might need and end up over packing? Then worry about your bags being too heavy, and repack again… and again? This fear comes in many forms–but it is something in which a lot of individuals deal with regularly.

While flight delays and missed connections may derail a holiday, pre-travel stress can easily place a damper on a wonderful trip. A pre-trip meltdown or anxiety attack may make your fears a reality. Whenever you aren’t yourself, passports tend to go missing, and necessary meds get left behind.

If you are endlessly worried about leaving an important item behind on a trip or can’t stop checking the flightboard for flight delays, all is not lost. While some people may turn to a specialist or a therapy session to talk about their travel stress, the majority of us just need some practical guidance to fight the panic.


  1. Make two lists. Items you HAVE TO HAVE, and items you want to bring. Use that list to pack your bags, and manage the space you need.
  2. Instead of waiting to pack the day before, pack a minimum of three day before (And definitely do not pack the day of your departure)
  3. Stay at home the evening before your flight. This will ensure you’re in bed at a decent time, even if sleep is fleeting.
  4. Keep a small wallet that can carry at just a few items – phone, license, credit card, and a few bills. While you might have a larger bag to carry as well, the abilty to know that what you REALLY need is in your hand, can help with anxiety. If all else is lost, having a phone, ID, credit card and cash can get you out of any jam. We’re in love with this super adorable travel wallet from Lewis N. Clark.  Cutely holds cash, a few cards, and a passport, and for under $10, why not!


Use a Travel Agent is the greatest strategy to stop pre-trip anxiety! Seek help from a professional on your next trip #TravelStress #Travel Click To Tweet

First off, your travel agent will alleviate anxiety by planning the important trip details for you–that is definitely much less stressful. But, travel agents can also deal with a number of those root causes of pre-trip stress for you. Advisors provide clients with a complete itinerary which details everywhere they have to be. Many will even supply customers with an inventory of things to bring. Forget something? They could help recover the merchandise or help clients with getting exactly what they want while they are gone. Booking with a travel agent means there is always someone in your corner each step along the way.

Whenever possible, it’s best to use a Travel Agent and our parter Tourradar offers free travel insurance quotes for travelers