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Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge – A Hive of Scum and Villainy?

While most of us are only looking to have a good time and enjoy being apart of the Starwars empire when we visit the Galaxy Edge theme park, some visitors are finding it difficult to not pocket a few keepsakes. Officials at Disney are noticing that many visitors to the park are taking so much more than photos.

The Orange County Register is reporting that  some tourists are grabbing everything that’s “not nailed down” and then turning around and reselling the park’s belongings to fellow Star Wars fanatics on eBay and other websites.

While the millennium falcon is still resting comfortably at the park, many of the park’s smaller items are not so lucky. The items vary from taking an unreasonable quantity of freebies like maps to the park (selling on eBay for around $5-$7 dollars) to stealing tableware at Oga’s Cantina. Definitely not OK to pocket your fork, knife and plate during your lunch!

According to the Register, a straightforward hunt on popular websites for search-terms such as “Galaxy’s Edge” or “Starwars Theme Park” will display a number of stollen and pocked items that most definitely should have stayed at the Black Spire Outpost village on the Star Wars planet of Batuu, the setting for the new 14-acre land.

Even drink coasters from the Cantina are not safe, and park officials are often having to replace such items. It’s one thing to have a souvenir for your home office or desk, but the coasters are more often than not appearing on the web for around $10 a piece.  The coasters are well-liked by fans because they’re emblazoned with phrases written within the Star Wars dialect of Aurebesh.

The Cantina scene is one among the foremost celebrated within the legendary Star Wars franchise, which is able to see its ninth film of the series hit theaters in Decembers.

Even the color-coded flight crew cards given out to guests who assume the different roles such as pilot, gunner and engineer during the Millenium Falcon ride are disappearing from the park. And while it’s possible some fans accidentally didn’t return the cards, many of those same cards are also selling online for around $20 a set.

To combat the thefts, Oga’s has begun stationing a crew member at the exit to guarantee certain tableware and utensils aren’t walking out the door with the guests.