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December 2019 News

Disney Announces New Star Wars Hotel to Open in 2021


Here is the vacation Superstar Wars fans have already been looking for. Soon, guests should be able to take the ultimate trip to a galaxy far, far away aboard Superstar Wars: Galactic Starcruiser-aka Walt Disney World’s new Superstar Wars hotel.

Dubbed a “space cruise,” this experience is a lot more than just a resort, it’s a two-nights itinerary that completely immerses travelers within their own Star Wars History.

And we’ve only learned these space cruises can begin taking flight in 2021.
What Travelers CAN GET

Similar to a normal cruise, intergalactic travelers will all arrive in concert to the terminal, in close proximity to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, on the departure day. So the storyline moves, your space cruiser, the Halcyon, is much too big to territory on any planet, hence guests will need to blast off in a launch pod to reach the ship. On your way, you’ll see superstars zooming by before attaching to the Halcyon.

Enter the atrium through whooshing “Star Wars doors,” and you’ll look for droids, aliens, and fellow travelers. You’re also prone to come across some trouble-Kylo Ren and his villainous First of all Order stormtroopers have already been recognized to make their method onto ships like this one.

Cabin renderings appear to be the part: “windows” will be displays showing friends constantly changing views of space outside and the rooms look just like the Star Wars sleep quarters of your dreams.

Onboard the ship, grown-ups and youngsters will all reach wield a lightsaber and deal with off with an exercise remote exactly like Luke Skywalker. Travelers may also have the opportunity to go to the bridge, the ship’s control center, and possibly attend top-magic formula meetings in the deepest covered places on the ship.

Lest guests get worried they won’t get their vitamin D upon this vacation, there’s a good port working day, when they’ll enjoy a day trip to Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu, otherwise referred to as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The most unique factor to this first-of-its-kind experience is that guests will maintain their immersion from arrival to departure. They’ll truly step into the Superstar Wars galaxy and become their own personality. Every interaction will have the potential to impact them on their journey, including their go to to Batuu, where in fact the effects of their actions could follow them again onto the ship (we’re betting MagicBands possess something regarding this).

Pricing is yet to come to be announced, but speculation has suggested costs of $1,000 per person, per night.