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Delta is Winning with its Mobile Device Bookings


During last week’s conference call, Delta Airlines stated that during it’s 1st quarter, at least 1/4th of their earnings was due to mobile bookings from smartphones.  The company also announced success with their SkyMiles loyalty program being used from mobile devices. Delta now allows passengers to use their earned miles to purchase upgrades during their flight straight from their smartphone.

During Wednesday’s call, Delta president Glen Hauenstein, told investors, “Mobile is by far the fastest growing, and it’s about 20% of our direct bookings, 20% to 25% of our direct bookings. And it seems like every week and every month that moves on, mobile becomes a bigger and bigger chunk of total booking.”

Despite a survey last month by J.D. Power & Associates that showed airline apps were not as well regarded as others in the travel industry, at least one carrier is pleased with how its customers have adopted their mobile devices to book flights.

The success Delta is seeing from mobile users directly contradicts a recent survey from J.D. Power, suggesting that airline apps ranked well below hotel, OTA, and rental car apps when it comes to customer satisfaction. Plus, Delta’s app “Fly Delta” was ranked just 4th position out of the 6 airline apps that were in the report.

Despite the survey from J.D. Powers, Hauenstein  is confident that the future of Delta is with its mobile interface with customers.

“That’s really the place that we see an incredible amount of growth, and that’s where consumers are seeming to want to go in order to book delta.com or book directly with Delta,” he said. “So, very exciting, and we have lots of great new releases coming this year, which we think will continue to enhance the customer experience with more and more utility that you can have in the palm of your hand.”

According to the 2019  Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management, smartphone apps are the wave fo the future for the Travel Industry, and can no longer be overlooked as just an extra optional feature.  The Hotel Resource Guide stated that for hospitality chains, “Providing staff members with real-time access to information via mobile devices can reduce guest wait times at the front desk during check-in, which is an important factor in overall guest satisfaction.”

What are your thoughts on the Delta app, have you used it and what was your overall impression of the interface and design?