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Cruise Ship’s Engine Room Issue Leaves Hundreds of Passengers Stranded

A huge selection of passengers on a cruise liner sailing off the southern coastline of Australia was stranded following the vessel lost power Thursday morning.

According to Information.com.au, Cruise & Maritime Voyages,’ Vasco da Gama ship was first sailing close to Adelaide when the crew needed a precautionary blackout after an alarm light came from the vessel’s engine control space.

As mechanics on the Vasco da Gama worked to research the reason for the warning light, around 830 passengers and 600 crew members were left without electric power for about two hours.

The captain of the ship called on regional authorities, who dispatched tug boats to the region to carefully the vessel from drifting. Officials from the cruise collection said all the precautionary post-incident checks had been finished with no causes for additional precautions.

While the electric power was back on within two short hours, a few of the passengers described the incident as very serious.

“We can’t use the toilets, can’t cook, can’t go get something to eat because the kitchens won’t work,” Ian said. “Everything is electric.”

Once the ship regained power and all of the safety checks were finished, the Vasco da Gama docked in Adelaide at 10 a.m. local time, approximately two hours after its scheduled arrival.