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Cinque Terre Fines Tourists for Wearing Flip-Flops

Cinque Terre italy
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Italian Officials Want You to Wear Appropriate Shoes when in Cinque Terre

Next time you hike the steep and narrow footpaths of Cinque Terre, you might want to double-check your choice of footwear.  Officials are sick and tired of rescuing stranded tourists who underestimated the tough terrain of this regions in Italy. The plan is to charge inappropriately-dressed daytrippers up to 2.500 euros, and to hopefully change future behavior of tourists not planning ahead for their hike.

“We are adopting a measure together with the forestry and the mayors. It will be a gradual introduction, first with information and then with sanctions.”

Patrizio Scarpellini, Director of the Cinque Terre Park

Stranded site-seerers can be rescued from Italian Alpine Club, a hiking organizations that helps maintain the trail.  “The paths are like Alpine trails. Tourists should not be tackling them in flip-flops and without adequate water,” club rep Maurizio Cattani said. It seems that the sum used to penalise offenders will be defined by the trouble they have caused to rescue workers.

The charge for inappropriate footwear comes just in time for the high season to start next month.  Officials are preparing for an increase in foot traffic from tourist over the next few months, and are hoping the new measure will make the tourist season go over more smoothly for rescuers.  In 2018, the area attracted more than 2.8 million tourist, and is expected to have more this year with the influx of new cruise ships docking at nearby port La Spezia. According to The Telegraph, Cinque Terre expects to see 750 cruise ship passengers pass through in 2019, an increase from 480 the previous year.