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Safari in Africa – An Animal Lovers’ Paradise

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Your life will change after a visit to Africa. You’ll see the world differently, and through new eyes. No tourist can escape this simple truth, Africa is truly awe-inspiring.  And if you’re a wildlife junky, then you are truly in paradise!

Some of our favorite destinations for seeing an amazing assortment of animals and wildlife while on a safari in Africa is Etosha National Park in Namibia, Okavango Delta in Botswana, and Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.  When visiting these parks on a safari, visitors expect to see “The Big Five”.  That includes the following animals”

    • African elephant.
    • African Lion
    • Black rhinoceros.
    • Cape buffalo.
  • African leopard.

However, catching a glimpse of all 5 of these majestic animals is quite rare. Most visitors will have to ride in a few safari tours before crossing each animal off their wish-list.  But there is SO much more than these 5 animals to see on Safari. What about the crocodile,  warthog, or giraffes! Here’s some of our favorite animals to spot while on Safari in Africa:

African Elephants

If you visit Uganda, you’re likely to see a plethora of elephants.  The National Park of Murchison Falls doesn’t have the usual watering holes you’d expect for a herd of elephants, instead the Nile River runs through the park. This provides the elephants with a vast area to catch a drink and cool-off, and also an easy way for visitors to find elephants, just follow the Nile!

African Lions

The lion has got to be the most iconic animal that comes to mind when you think of an African safari. Although they are not as easy to catch as the elephants, a good guide should have an idea of where their usual hang out spots are.  These beauties require a bit of luck and patience to find, but once you spot those iconic ears poking through the tall grass, you’ll know you’ve hit jackpot. Often traveling in small family units, it’s not unheard of to find a female with cubs, so stay clear and keep your distance. Momma lions are fiercely protective of their young.

African Warthogs

To be honest, our knowledge of warthogs mostly begin and ended with The Lion King. But these little guys are found all over the national parks. They can be quite curious however, so keep your sandwich to yourself because they have been known to crash a picnic or two.


There are over 29 species of antelope throughout Africa.  During your visit, odds are you going to run into several different species along your journey.  From the kob and Grant’s gazelle, to the hartebeest and waterbuck, you’re guaranteed to see these beautiful antelopes in droves.


The world loves these beautiful long-neck wonders. These gentle giants truly are a site to be scene. They are a staple of the larger parks and zoos in North America, but seeing one in its natural habit in the wild is a completely different story.  Catching a photo of these graceful beasts is always a highlight of any safari.


Although not as friendly as the giraffe and definitely not as cute as the warthog, there are many hippos to spot on an African safari.  If you have never seen one in the wild, we suggest a trip to Murchison Falls where they are abundant. Like the elephants, the hippos take advantage of the abundance of water supplied by the Nile River.


There is an endless variety of breeds of monkeys available in Africa.  Although adorable, do not forget these creatures are wild. Occasionally tourist become too enamored with them and try to feed them, only to have regretted it 5 minutes later when 30 monkeys are surrounding them.


Tick-tock, tick-tock, the crocodiles sprinkled along the Nile are nothing to mess with. Although tourist typically don’t have to be reminded of this! The crocodiles have a way of camouflaging themselves along the waterbank, blending into the ground cover.  So pay attention to your guide, you’ll need to keep a look out to spot one lounging on the bank of the nile.

Have you been lucky enough to take a safari in Africa, and if so what was your favorite animal?

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