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American Airlines App Lets International Travelers Scan Passport for Check-In

American Airlines declared Wednesday that passengers will now have the ability to scan their passports with the carrier’s mobile software if they check-in for worldwide flights.

The airline revealed its passport scanning software ability may be the first in the market. The technology can scan the Near Discipline Conversation (NFC) chip in the passport to send info to the mobile software for check-in securely.

Before the new have was put into American’s app, international travelers who checked in on the phones or other devices were forced to obtain passports checked at the airport by a person service agent.

“We are continuously adding features to our app to make travel easier and worry-free for our customers,” American Chief Information Officer Maya Leibman said in a statement. “Mobile passport scanning removes a time-consuming step, providing our customers with a smoother check-in experience for international flights.”

The passport scanner on the American software works for both iOS and Android products.

Furthermore, to helping worldwide travelers check-in faster, the airline announced additional helpful features, including notifications for boarding and Siri shortcuts. The carrier likewise improved it’s family members’ seating system to make sure adults and children under 14 will be seated collectively when booked on a single reservation.

The previous month, American also declared plans to expand its occurrence at Dallas/Fort Worth AIRPORT TERMINAL with the help of two new gates following year.