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Airlines December 2019

Air New Zealand Experiments with Edible Coffee Cups


Air passengers are beginning to demand airlines and governments to instill even more sustainable options for flights.

Even though most immediately bounce to slicing the carbon footprint, Air New Zealand is locating a distinctive way to lessen its plastic usage – with the application of edible coffee cups.

Air New Zealand now serving edible coffee cups
Air New Zealand now serving edible coffee cups (Photo via Air New Zealand)

“We’ve been working in partnership with innovative New Zealand company ‘twiice’ to explore the future of edible coffee cups, which are vanilla flavored and leakproof,” Air New Zealand Senior Manager Customer Experience Niki Chave said in a statement. “The cups have been a big hit with the customers who have used these, and we’ve also been using the cups as dessert bowls.”

The airline manufactured the switch earlier to plant-structured cups which are actually used onboard all their aircraft and within their airport lounges.

And while this might look like a tiny change, it produces a major impact on the surroundings – keeping about 15 million plastic material cups annually from finding yourself in a landfill.

The company is wanting to take their initiative one step further. Teaming up with the neighborhood New Zealand firm, Twice, the airline is currently testing out cups that will remove also their compostable cups from landfills as well.

A win for surroundings travelers and the surroundings as well Twice intends to keep its trial while as well expanding its assortment of edible crockery. Surroundings New Zealand strategies to keep working with the business and others hoping of earning the edible coffee glass a staple for the airline.