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The Adrenaline Junky’s Guide to Cancun

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Looking for adventurous things to do in Cancun and Riviera Maya that don’t involve laying on a beach? Cancun is an exiting and enchanting area that holds so much adventure for travelers. Beyond the beautiful Caribbean blue waters, you’ll find so much more than just sand and all-inclusive resorts. Fly over the jungle on a zip-line, swim with sharks, ATVs through a dirt jungle road, or enjoy a thrilling Lucha Libre Show! Perhaps swimming in a cenotes” (natural sinkholes) is your thing, or a thrilling jungle tour on your own speed boat, there is an endless choice of activities to choose from for those of us with endless energy! Here’s our top choice for adventure seekers visiting Cancun:

Swimming With Whale Sharks
The Whale Shark is on the endangered species list, so having the opportunity to swim with these magnificent creatures will leave a powerful impression. The Yucatan peninsula is one of the areas where you can swim with these big harmless creatures. Although harmless and not agressive by nature, the Whale Sharks aren’t small and can be a true adrenaline rush to swim with one of  these giants.  An adult mail can reach as large as 20 tons and 12 meters in length. They are in-fact, the largest fish known by man.  Baby whale sharks are extremely lively  and will often play and interact with divers. The very best time to swim with the sharks is between September and June. Tours depart from Isla Mujeres, Cancun, or Isla Holbox.

Catch A Lucha Libre Show
Lucha Libre is a unique Mexican cultural experience in Cancun. There are two fighters, both the good and the bad, who utilize a mixture of acrobatics wrestling and theatrical maneuvers in an effort to win. Masks are worn by fighters and are accompanied by drag-queens and by little-people. Each fight lasts about three rounds and generally finishes with someone thrown away from the ring. Lucha Libre events are held in downtown Cancun in Arena Mexico each Tuesday, Friday and Sunday night. A front row seat costs about $12 USD with snacks and beer offered for sale. It is quite a show!

Night Clubs in Cancun
It’s hard to discuss the array of adrenaline-junky activities to do in a place like Cancun and not mention the clubs. Cancun has an action-packed nightlife. For travelers who still have a lot of energy after a long day, there is no reason to retire to your resort just yet. This town is known for its crazy nightlife, especially during Spring Break. The top clubs in Cancun usually have long waiting lines, but are seldom not worth the wait.

Coco Bongo is a great club to start your night. They have DJs, cover bands and acrobats. It’s kind of a mix between nightclub and Vegas show! Each night, with three floors and nine pubs, the club can hold up to 5,000 people. Mandala Beach Club is also an amazing stop. This outdoor house music club opens daily at 9:30 PM, offering great music and delicious tropical beaches. If modern techno-music is more your thing, then Dady O is where to need to go. iIn addition to techno music, they offer professional dancers, light shows and body painting. The club has two floors where you can party till sunrise and five bars.

ATVing At Xplore Park
One of the popular things to do in Cancun is riding All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) through a dirt street jungle route. There are a lot of companies that offer ATV tours of the jungle, among these being Xplor Park.The ATV ride is included in the all-inclusive park entry fee of $120. You can spend an entire day there visiting swimming lining, and there’s a dinner buffet and unlimited drinks.Xplore is merely one of Mexico’s many popular”adventure theme parks” situated South of Cancun. Some of the others include Xcaret, Xel Ha, and Rio Secreto.

Race An Exotic Car
Want a jolt of adrenaline where you’re the driver? Here you’ll be handed the keys to a luxury car where you can test your skills to put the petal to the medal. This track is no Mario Cart though, so drive with as much skill and speed you can muster! That is precisely what you can do in Exotic Rides Cancun, where they rent out luxury and exotic cars. They will also teach you the skills you’ll need to win a race, and drive like a pro on the race track.You have your choice between a few Distinct models, including Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Lamborghini Murcielago, Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, and the Ferrari F430. Woooooo!

Scuba Diving Adventures
Cancun is a haven for adventure seekers and lovers of water sports in general. It’s also a perfect place to learn scuba diving or become certified. There are many attractions in the region that can assist with your certification. Cancun is situated close to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest reef in the entire world. Home to dolphins, many sorts of imperial eagle rays, eels, lobsters, nurse sharks, and tropical fish.The MUSA museum isla Mujeres, and neighboring cenotes are favored spots. There are several places where novices can learn scuba diving and get their PADI license.

Looking to enjoy a Mexico fiesta? Give Xoximilco a Go! This is definitely a must-see for those looking for a party, great food, and a chance to socialize. While it’s technically a theme park built as the first “Xochimilco” in Mexico City, it’s an ideal spot to dance and party with friends and family. You can rent out boats known as “trajinera” and float the water listening to live musicians. There is an abundance of amazing local food, making Xoximilco a great way to experience culture, tequila, and music.  There are also many games which keep the celebration moving along.The music and food come from various Mexico regions, which makes the party a vibrant display of local culture.

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