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Child Runs Away From Home To Travel the World


While most of us would like to one day travel the world, one eight-year-old boy from Russia decided he didn’t want to wait. An unidentified Astrakhan boy was reported to be missing, and according to his mother, he left a note stating he had left because he wanted to travel the world.  The boy brought along his piggy bank, and his encyclopedias.

The local police have since reported they have found the boy unharmed and wandering the streets a few hours later.  By himself, he managed to take three buses and walk a short distance before being found by authorities.  Authorities returned the young traveler and made sure to explain to him the dangers of traveling off alone.

As incredible as this boy’s adventure was, there have been several similar incidents recently.  In 2018, an Australian boy managed to fly to Bali alone, and a few months later, another child was able to make it through TSA security alone and fly out of Atlanta airport during an elaborate run-away.