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The Best Lesser-Known Wine Regions of the World

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From Tuscany to Napa, chances are if you’re a wine lover, you’ve visited everything from Bordeaux to Sonoma. But if you think you’ve experienced all there is taste, we’ve included a list of our favorite lesser-known areas of the world to experience great wines. Plus, because this list features less glorified destinations, your experience won’t be dampened from over-crowded tourist crowds and allow you to truly “taste” the local culture. Let’s begin!

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Temecula, California
As a California based company, we’re quite familiar with the Southern California region of Temecula. Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, this is a great stop for those traveling through the state on a wine tour, visiting popular culinary and wine destinations such as Mission Padres in San Juan Capistrano, and often the final stop in Napa or Sonoma County. The area features 24 charming wineries all featuring beautiful Southern California landscape and countryside.  

Serra Gaúcha, Brazil
Italian immigrants first introduced wine to this part of the region back in the 18th century and taught locals their secrets to making quality wine. Serra Gaúcha is located on the southern tip of the country and is responsible for the vast majority of the wine available in Brazil. Why haven’t you heard of the wine of Serra Gaúcha before? That’s because they did not export any of their wines until the mid 60’s and kept their wines exclusively for local consumptions. As word has spread about the quality of the Brazilian wine, the area is starting to see a rise in tourism to the area and setting themselves as a premier wine destination to visit in South America. 

Niagara Peninsula, Canada
Although Ontario’s often frigid temperatures and extreme climate make it seem like a poor choice for wine making, the area boast an ancient technique to harvest ice-grapes to make their “icewine”.  Icewine is often used as a dessert wine because its intense sweetness. If in the area, we highly suggest signing up for a winery tour, as their method of production is simply fascinating. You’ll learn how an extremely strong flavor can be made using only a few drops of the concentrated frozen grapes. 

Nashik Region, India
The Nashik area of India has been growing grapes for centuries. It’s mild-climate and humidity make it a prime candidate for making wine. However, until fairly recently, the region only grew their grapes for eating. Plus, the area is experiencing so much economic and industry growth, it’s a perfect destination for wine travel and new wineries.  

Snake River Valley, Idaho
There’s so much more to the Pacific Northwest than the wines of Washington and Oregon. Before those areas were ever famous, the Snake River Valley had thriving vineyards for over a century.  Although the area never fully recovered from prohibition, 40+ wineries still do business in the area. 

Istria, Slovenia
If you are a lover of white wines, than a trip to the vineyards of Istria, Slovenia is a must-stop destination. The ancient of wine production goes back to the 4th century, making the production of wine a deep-routed cultural and historical experience for visitors.  This area is not well-known internationally, as they mostly consume their production of wine from within their country and rarely export it.  This makes it a “find” for hunters of rare wines.

Krk, Croatia
If you’re traveling with an experienced wine enthusiast they are going to love tasting the unique Zlahtina wine of Krk Croatia. Literally the only place in the world whee you can find wine made from the Zlahtina grapes, Krk is located on the stunning Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.   Renown for the strong lemon and citrus notes of the areas white wine, the flavor is as unique and as refreshing as the region.

Galilee, Israel
The history of winemaking and tilling the soil go back to biblical times for this historic and religious region of the world.  And while some techniques have modernized, it’s hard to not feel a taste of the history in the wines from Galilee.  The area’s climate boast volcanic soil mixed with high altitudes.  And if you are looking for kosher wine, the area boast some of the most praised wineries in the world, making it sought  after worldwide since kosher wine isn’t easy to find. 

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There are probably a thousand lesser-known destinations to choose from around the world. Keep looking and tell us some of your favorite spots.Thinking of taking a wine tour? Check out the group tours with G Adventures! And whenever possible, it’s best to use a Travel Agent.