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2019’s Most Expensive Cities for Business Travelers

According to the ECA International, not all cities are created equal when it comes to affordability for business travelers.  The ECA International estimates that the average business person in New York City will spend around $800 a day to do business there. Globally speaking, Swiss cities such as Geneva had daily rates of around $715 and Zurich came in 3rd with a rate of around $660.
Other less cost-effective cities in the United States include Washington D.C. ($621), San Francisco ($581) and Los Angeles ($578). European cities where also on the not-so-affordable list, including popular business destinations such as Paris, Reykjavik, Basel and Bern.

ECA determined the daily rate by average hotel prices of a four-star hotel and the cost of transportation, taxis and meals. The company says that New York is the priciest business destination because of hotel room prices.

“US cities — the dollar’s being doing quite well — have moved towards the top of the list,” ECA’s benefits and daily rates analyst, Qasim Sarwar told CNN. “There’s high demand there.”

According to Sarwar, if a business travelers wants to cut cost during their trip, they may want to look at the daily rate forecasts before booking to avoid peak tourism travel dates.