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December 2019 Opinion

Hiding from Family this Holiday Season? You’re not alone!

1 and 4 hide from family during holiday

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The vacation season is all about togetherness . . . in little doses.

In the event that you feel like there’s a sanity-saving time frame limit on gatherings with all of your members of the family, you’re not by yourself. One in four persons in the USA are so looking forward to a rest from family through the vacation months, they acknowledge they’ve resorted to hiding in a relative’s house for a brief mental-break, according to a recent Motel 6 questionnaire.

The analysis surveyed 2,000 Americans traveling for the holiday season to go to family. Out of those surveyed, 1-in-4 admitted to trying to find solitude in a guest room, a storage device, or even a pantry in a pinch. Furthermore, 37 percent of people admitted to creating grounds to go out all together.

Even though typically persons spent 4.3 hours merely to reach grandma’s house, there’s only so very long they are prepared to spend drinking, eating and waking up with their loved ones. Survey respondents agreed that in under four, short hours, these were already ready for a few cousin-free getaway time.

“Family dynamics aren’t the one stressors this time around of time,” Rob Palleschi, Motel 6 CEO, said in a press release. “Regardless of the way you travel, the experience itself can be considered a source of nervousness for most.”

The data shows that 40 percent of People in America say residing in the same home with their family can be stressful, plus they have lots of explanations why. Twenty-two percent worried about insufficient privacy, 20 percent were worried about spouse and children receiving on each other’s nerves, and 20 percent stressed about fights between family members while being collectively in the same house during the holidays.

Despite everything, nearly every analyze respondent agreed that no person should be alone through the holidays. 92 percent said it’s vital that you invest the growing season with family – and maybe a healthy medication dosage of eggnog.